Past Projects:
Locating Private Underground Utility Lines

Locate private utilities before digging

Client Problem

Locating private underground utility lines was needed by a local school district prior installing a handicap ramp near the bleachers of the football field. They wanted to make sure there they would not encounter unknown utilities since they had to dig one to two feet deep.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections uses GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar systems for their accuracy and dependable underground scanning results. The GPR underground scan is even able locate non metallic underground pipes. Combing locating techniques, our technician also utilized an RD8000 locator to direct connect to any visible utilities along with sweeping the area for underground power lines.

Results We Delivered

Using a multi technology approach to underground locating, Encompass Inspections is able to accurately locate even the most challenging of utility lines.  Several underground utility lines were quickly identified in the dig area by the locate technician and marked our in the appropriate colors. Encompass Inspections performs nationwide locating services for underground gas lines, electrical conduits, water lines, telecommunications, sewer pipes, and more.

Client Savings

Costly damages from an underground utility strike can easily be avoided by calling Encompass Inspections. Our nationwide reach allows us to service thousands of clients each year, while helping them avoid serious job site accidents and potential injuries from striking an underground utility.


Finding underground utility lines

Encompass Inspections locates underground electric lines

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Encompass Inspections offers Ground Penetrating Radar/Concrete X-ray scanning, Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspection, Leak Detection, and Utility Mapping services for all of Georgia including: Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Savannah and surrounding cities.  For more information on our equipment and services, refer to our equipment page.

Encompass Inspections offers nationwide service.  If you need to schedule a project, please review our locations to locate your nearest technician.

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