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Locate Underground Utility Lines Using Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR for Underground Utility Pipe Locating

Client Problem

Locating underground utility lines using Ground Penetrating Radar was requested by a local contractor. The clients project at a local BMW dealership needed all utilities located and marked out in the parking lot. The contracted was digging a trench line to install a sewer line and wanted to make sure they would be able avoid hitting any underground lines during the excavation process.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections used Ground Penetrating Radar with a 400Mhz antenna to perform underground scanning over the large parking lot area quickly. Combining GPR along with the RD8000 pipe locator, the utility survey would be sure to locate all known and unknown utilities in the designated work areas.

Results We Delivered

The Ground Penetrating Radar system delivered quality findings of the subsurface infrastructure. Encompass Inspections located gas lines, electric lines for the parking lot lighting, underground water lines, and telecommunication lines. The technician marked out all of his findings directly on site with marking paint and was also able to provide the contractor with utility depths when possible.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections helps contractors across the nation to safely navigate their excavation projects. Providing accurate utility locates using industry leading locating equipment allows the unknown underground dangers to be avoided. Avoiding damage to underground utility lines saves our clients thousands of dollars on each project.  Know what is below the surface of your next project by calling Encompass Inspections today!



Ground Penetrating Radar for Utility Locating

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