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Underground Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar Survey – The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Underground Utility Locating / Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

Client Problem

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway was about to host an exclusive event for 10 plus Las Vegas Luxury car companies. There is to be one large tent set up and the tent needed over 100 three foot stakes to be installed to secure it in place. The stakes need to be hammered into the asphalt without hitting any utilities running through the designated area. Working with the facility managers on site, Encompass Inspections accessed electrical and mechanical rooms, as-builts and other utility plans to accurately identify utilities within the large open area in the middle of the speedway.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections Technician met with the engineers/facility managers on site to review the current utilities, goals of the project and verify the accuracy of the as-builts. After the brief meeting, we were able to confirm that there are multiple visible utility structures labeled on the as-builts in conflict with the installation of the tent.  We then proceeded to locate sanitary sewer, storm drain, fiber optics from underground vault, electrical lines supplying the site lighting as well as the building, underground storage tanks (UST) and domestic water/fire lines.

Results We Delivered

We accessed the known mechanical/fire riser rooms, underground fiber optic vaults, sewer/storm drain manholes, electrical conduit vaults and electric pull boxes to name a few. Our Technicians then would directly connect to the visible lines inside vaults and pull boxes,  and mark our findings in according colors. We were able to enter the rodder into each path and then directly connected to rodder each time to perform our utility locates. We repeated the process for 10+ sanitary sewer manholes and 10+ storm drain manholes.  After we verified the location for each utility structure on the as builts related the to actually area we used Ground Penetrating Radar in a grid pattern throughout the entire area in question. We then accessed  fiber vaults, there was a vault containing 30+ electrical conduits near the standalone NASCAR Fueling Station and safely connect to each of the electrical wires in the 30+ conduits.  Our Technicians exceeded the needs of the customer to ensure safety for Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Client Savings

The result of one of these stakes hitting a major electrical/gas/fiber optic line could have significant consequences, causing possible damage to the projects infrastructure and possible injury to work site personal.  Encompass Inspections prides itself on being able to be a solutions provider to our customers. Our services allow customers to navigate their construction projects with confidence that only our years of experience and exceptional equipment and training can provide.

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