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Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar Services – Kirkland Air Force Base

Utility Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar

Client Problem

The Kirkland Air Force Base is currently excavating for the installation of new electric lines. There is one area the engineers specifically need Encompass Inspections to inspect, the area is a 1,000ft x 500ft area with a high concentration of utilities. We utilized both RadioDetection and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment to ensure the electrical trench excavation is completed safely with no utilities damaged.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections Technician met with the engineers/facility managers on site to overview the as-builts of current utilities, goals of the project and verify the accuracy of the as-builts. After the brief meeting with the engineers and contractors, we were able to confirm that there are multiple utilities in conflict within the trench proposed trench path.  the conflicted utilities were sanitary sewer, storm drain, fiber optics from underground vault, electrical supplying the lighting/building/conduits and domestic water/fire lines.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections accessed the known mechanical/fire riser rooms, underground fiber optic vaults, sewer/storm drain manholes, electrical conduit vaults and electric pull boxes to name a few. Our Technicians then directly connected to the visible lines inside vaults and pull boxes, and proceeded to identify the utilities in their appropriate colors. We were able to enter the private underground fiber optic vault and we directly
connected to each possible fiber/communication line using the Radio Detection equipment. Locates were also performed on a vault containing 30+ electrical conduits. For each visible sewer manhole we removed the lid and roddered each path using fiberglass rodder and then directly connected to rodder each time. We repeated the process for numerous sanitary sewer manholes and storm drain manholes.  After we verified the location for each utility structure on the as builts related the to work area, we also utilized Ground Penetrating Radar in a grid pattern throughout the entire work area.

Client Savings

By successfully locating all underground utilities along the trench path we allowed for excavation of the area to occur without incident. A conduit strike could have resulted in the full shutdown of that circuit and could potentially shut down major operations in this high profile location. The shutdown could result in the loss of assets, cancellation of the events and delay of US Military Operations.   ​

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