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Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Scan – I Heart Media

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Scan

Client Problem

The I Heart Media Centre is currently undergoing major renovations. The engineers and contractors are needing to expand areas for the 3rd and 4th floor. Encompass Inspections was hired to scan each of the renovation areas they are planning to install new electrical boxes, sink/floor drains and fire lines in the concrete slab. The concrete slab is known to have post tension cables that need to be avoided during the renovation process.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections arrived on site within 24 hours from receiving the request for our services. The project called for us to use our GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar 1600 cart in Concrete Mode to accurately identify the possible post-tension cables along with identifying all possible electrical/communication conduits in the 3rd and 4th level post-tension concrete slabs.

Results We Delivered

The tenant improvements included renovations to sinks, floor drains, lunchrooms, offices and bathrooms. Encompass Inspections used the GSSI GPR 1600 cart in Concrete Mode to provide onsite results with direct layouts for the plumbing contractors and engineers to make changes to the locations of the fixtures instantly so the project could remain on schedule. We also used Radio Detection locating equipment to detect possible electrical/communication conduits within and under the elevated post tension concrete slabs. The technician used both of the methods for the I Heart Media project to provided the engineers instant direct/same day layout of possible obstructions in the elevated slab and the safest areas for possible core drilling.

how deep does gpr go?

Client Savings

The I Heart Media owners, engineers and Encompass Inspections were able to work together on this extensive remodel project and ensure the project was completed on time, in this case 1 month ahead of schedule. Since Encompass Inspections provided Ground Penetrating Radar as compared to X Ray services, we were able to save the customer hundreds of job site hours with our ability to provide on site direct layouts each day. Core drills were able to get completed with confidence instantly after performing our concrete scanning. The event of a post tension cable being severed is disastrous. The cable at the point of the hit will explode through the concrete potentially injuring or even risking the life of the core driller. In addition the damage to the building would be extensive and challenging to repair, halting the building process altogether.  This is why Encompass Inspections will continue to provide all our customers nationwide with skilled, experienced, technicians and the ability to deliver quality results.



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