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GPR vs Concrete Xray – Hayden Ferry – Zenefits Call Center Suites

Concrete GPR/RD Scan

Client Problem

The Hayden Ferry Owners and Engineers were at first considering using X Ray for the structural calculations. They asked for us to provide a Ground Penetrating Radar demonstration as they have always used X Ray with the GPR technology being a fairly new practice. We were able to scan a large area at a time compared to X Ray being only capable of scanning a 12 inch by 12 inch area and X Ray requires the evacuation of the job site on the adjacent floor due to the x Rays radiation admissions. The GPR uses electric pulses that safely image the concrete. The Hayden Ferry Owners and Engineers were impressed with the Ground Penetrating Radar over the X Ray as the GPR can cover more cores spots on a given day and the GPR is more safe with no harmful emissions. The engineers and owners were needing 50+ core spots for the 2nd floor to the 10th floor.

How We Responded

The project was to consist of scanning 50+ core spots for The Hayden Ferrys newest high rise building in Tempe. After an initial investigation of the buildings engineering we were able to determine Ground Penetrating Radar in Concrete Mode to provide instant on site images of the concrete post tensioned floors for us to interpret and apply direct layouts the same day. We were able to provide bright red marks for each core spot and clear coat the marks to ensure the survivability. The project required Encompass Inspections to complete 50+ core spots for each of the 10 floors over the course of 3 months.

how deep does gpr go?

Results We Delivered

The Hayden Ferry Owners and Engineers wanted their newest building to be the most innovative and appealing of them all in Downtown Tempe. They were consulting whether or not to use a floor track system or traditional cores to provide electrical and communications for each conference room and call center tables. The owners and engineers needed more than 50 cores for each of the 10 floors of this innovative high rise, thats a lot of tables. The task was extensive but after they installed the first set of the electrical/communications floor track system they tossed the idea due to it being unappealing and a potential walking hazard as shown in the picture. The traditional core system provides seamless floor box where the electrical and communication lines are fed within the concrete or in this case by the ceiling from under. The GSSI GPR Handcart was able to provide Encompass Inspections Technicians with instant on site images that we were able to interpret on site and provide a direct lay out system in bright red keel as per the picture here. Unlike X Ray we are able to provide a large area per core spot to prevent a re-visit in the event of layout changes, which happens often during the construction process. The project took three months to complete and during the whole project not one post tension cable or even rebar was hit during the entire process.


Client Savings

The Hayden Ferry owners, engineers and Encompass Inspections were able to work together on this extensive Zenefits call center project and ensure the project gets completed on time, in this case 1 month ahead of schedule, to compete with Tempe/ASU areas new innovative standards. Encompass Inspections providing Ground Penetrating Radar compared to X Ray, we were able to save the customer hundreds of job site hours with the on site direct layouts each day. Core drills were able to get completed with confidence instantly after scanning with no need to develop. The event of a post tensioned cable being severed is disastrous. The cable at the point of the hit will explode through the concrete potentially injury or even risking the life of the core driller. The cable will then eject out of each end of the high rise building potentially risking the lives of nearby bystanders. The damage to the building would be extensive and challenging to repair, halting the building process altogether. The monetary losses would be minor compared the potential lives in danger in the event of a post tensioned cable hit. All this is why we provide all our customers nationwide with skilled technicians that had experienced/understood the extensive job site and equipment training. We continue to train our technicians throughout the years to keep our 100% fault free locating and concrete scanning true.


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