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Ground Penetrating Radar to verify rebar in pool

Pool rebar verification for code compliance

Client Problem

Customer had a local code enforcement official show up to their house to inspect a pool installation project. Because the customer had not taken out permits to work on his pool, code enforcement made him take out permits as well as required him to hire a company that can prove the pool indeed had the required rebar reinforcements embedded in the concrete. If not able to verify the reinforcement, the client would have to demo the existing work and start the project over.

How We Responded

The customer called Encompass Inspections to come out and prove to the city and code enforcement that there was steel rebar reinforcement structure in the pool concrete. The customer was nervous because he did not want to tear down the pool, and he was at risk to lose a lot of money if we could not prove there was rebar in the previously poured concrete.  Our technician explained our process for locating the rebar reinforcement in his swimming pool utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to the client.  Once reinforcements were found we would take notes of the measurements and put together a report for client to hand over to the city and code enforcement, additionally the rebar locations were marked on site once located by concrete x ray.

Results We Delivered

We used ground penetrating radar (GPR) Model GSSI SIR-3000 with the 1600 Mhz antenna, which sends radio frequency pulses into the concrete to determine the exact location and depth of the reinforcements. Using GPR we started scanning the concrete in different locations of the pool, we were able to determine that there was indeed rebar embedded in the concrete to support the pool structure and took down depth readings as well. After finishing up the scans and field markings, we were able to put together a job a report with pictures and depths of the rebar found.  The client was able to present the report and findings over to code enforcement and prove the pool did in fact have rebar reinforcing in the concrete.

Client Savings

The customer was overjoyed that we were able to help him out and prove to code enforcement that his pool did have rebar installed.  Our findings resulted in the customer not having to demolish the pool and start the project over.  The findings of the ground penetrating radar concrete x ray saved our client thousands of dollars by avoiding the complete tear down of his swimming pool.

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