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Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locating Services

GPR Underground Utility Locating

Client Problem

Ground penetrating radar utility locating services were needed by a local engineering firm, who reached out to Encompass Inspections in need of 25 areas utility located before their soil boring project could begin. The site was once a manufacturing plant, but has long since been torn down and is now an empty lot. The areas designated for the utility survey cover a large area, making it unsafe to begin any drilling before knowing the exact location of all underground utility lines and anomalies within the work area.

How We Responded

Understanding the fast paced construction industry, Encompass Inspections aims to perform utility locating services within 24 hours from the request for services.  Once on site, a walk through was conducted with the client to identify the areas for surveying. The technician utilized our ground penetrating radar system, Radio Detection locating wand, and a Magnetometer for pipe locating, to provide the most accurate and efficient means of locating any sub structure utilities or anomalies within the designated areas.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections successfully located and identified the depths of numerous utilities and old abandoned piping left behind from the demolition of the facility. All finding were marked out with a solvent based marking paint to provide a non-permanent, weather resistant guide allowing the engineers quick and easy solutions. Using a multitude of utility locating tools, such as, GPR digital scanning, in combination with radio detection, and magnetometers provides a more cost effective, accurate, and safe way to locate utilities and anomalies.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections delivers consistent results for its clients.  The results of this survey provided the underground information needed by the engineers to begin their work immediately.  Additionally, our pinpoint utility locating service saves our clients time from pot-holing each spot before boring. Not to mention that accurate locating results saves the client money by greatly reducing the chance of striking an unknown utility line.

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Encompass Inspections offers Ground Penetrating Radar services, along with Underground Utility Locating, Video Camera Inspections, Leak Detection, and Utility Mapping services for all of Texas including: Dallas, Fort Worth, Mesquite, Plano and the surrounding cities.  For more information on our equipment and services, refer to our equipment page.

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