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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan for private utilities – Dallas

Private Utility Locate for Fiber Optic Line Installation

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a contractor needing an area surveyed for any private utilities before they could begin digging a trench. The contractor was needing to run new fiber optic lines into the building from a preexisting vault outside the facility. The designated point of entry into the facility, for the fiber optic cable, was in close proximity to the facilities power transformer station.  The nearby transformers increase the risk of hitting subsurface electrical utilities during trenching activities, which could result in a fatal accident.

How We Responded

A Technician was dispatched from Encompass Inspections Dallas office and arrived on site the same day of the project request.  A site walk of all areas was completed with the contractors project manager to identify the limits of the area that needed to be located and marked out.  All of the existing sub surface utilities, and possible targets in the designated areas were to be marked out with marking paint and flags per the customer request.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections set out to identify any and all utilities that could conflict with the excavation path of the trench by using Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection. Upon completing the GPR and RD scans, the results were marked in paint directly onto the surface allowing the onsite contractor to perform their work without incident.  At the end of the survey, both the onsite contact and the technician completed a 360 degree walk around the area discussing what the findings were and if there were any unknown utilities found in the area. Our utility locate markings provide a quick and easy to read guide before any cutting or digging begins.


Client Savings

Using both GPR and Radio Detection technologies simultaneously, it greatly increased the amount of private utilities located and eliminated the cost arising from damages caused from not performing a utility locate. Reducing the risk of hitting any previously unknown utilities or anomalies that could result in serious damage or loss of life, safety was a large concern of the customer.  We were able to identify all nearby utilities and provide the safest route from the facility point-of-entry to the fiber optics tie in point.   With the underground utilities identified, the customer was able to safely excavate and trench needed areas for their new fiber line installation.

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