Past Projects:
GPR Survey Scan for Sewer Lines and Floor Drains

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Scan

Client Problem

Anytime Fitness contacted Encompass Inspections requesting GPR Survey scans to locate sewer lines and floor drain lines in their bathrooms. The client needed to install new shower units without damage to existing utilities.

How We Responded

After looking over the area of conflict, the technician decided that the GPR scanner would be best technology for this type of project.  Ground Penetrating Radar can typically locate any buried sewer and drain lines, as well as identify any reinforcement within the concrete slab.



Results We Delivered

During the GPR survey, the technician discovered a sewer line and drain pipe crossing each other in the center of bathroom floor.  The results of the scan were explained to our client, detailing the sewer and drains were found by using the GPR utility scan where we marked with red chalk to distinguish where the path of the sewer lines and drain pipe go.

Client Savings

Our client was very pleased with the accuracy of the GPR survey,  which saved our them time and money from having to pay for any damages to their sewer and drain lines by locating exact location beneath the bathroom floors.

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