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Encompass scans hollow core concrete slab with GPR at Microchip Facility

GPR scanning hollow core slab

Client Problem

Our client at the Microchip facility in Chandler is undergoing major tenant improvement renovation projects and needs to safely core drill through hollow core concrete slabs. The Microchip engineers and contractors requested our services as they are adding to install new electrical switch cabinets. These switch cabinets are to supply the room above with double the electrical output. The Microchip engineers and contractors are needing to core 10+ holes for the new electrical conduits, while avoiding the known pre-stressed cables in the hollow core slab at all costs.

How We Responded

Our highly trained ground penetrating radar technician was dispatched within 24 hours of the request from our client at the Microchip facility in Chandler, AZ. The Encompass Inspections way, is to always meet with the engineers, contractors and clients that are onsite to understand the full scope of the project. After our tailgate meeting with client, the main concerns of the project included; avoiding pre-stressed cables known in the hollow core slabs and having to access the top and bottom of the slab as it is expected to be more than 12 inches thick. The GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar all our technicians use nationwide, is able to provide the concrete scanning result instantly onsite, with no need for development of the image that is associated with traditional concrete x ray.

Results We Delivered

The concrete scan using our ground penetrating radar system, and the experience of our technician with inspecting hollow core concrete slabs, was able to provide the microchip facility engineers and contractors’ instant onsite results for the top and bottom of the slab, so they are able to make instant structural calculations in the placement of the cores. The Encompass way to concrete x-ray provided an instant visual representation for the core driller of the hollow core planks in each of the areas of concern with markings directly on the concrete slabs.

Client Savings

Our clients at Microchip had the concern of having to core through an specialized concrete structure at their facility in Chandler, AZ. The engineers and contractors rarely encounter hollow core concrete slabs and almost considered having to run the electrical lines a different way, that would cost the client significantly more money. The services Encompass Inspections provided in one visit and were able to give the engineers a safe passage when coring through the hollow core concrete. By using our GPR equipment in tight grid sweeps, combined with the Encompass Inspections system, our client was able to avoid pre-stressed cable hits that would cause significant structural damage, potential injury, and the delay of the project for repair.

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