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GPR Scanning and Utility Locating for Building Renovation

Ground Penetrating Radar and Underground Utility Locating Services

Client Problem

The customer contacted Encompass Inspections to have several areas of a building scanned with Ground Penetrating Radar along with locating private utility lines prior to expanding an existing building on site.  The customer had all of the public utility lines located by calling 811 prior to contact Encompass Inspections.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded to the site a day after the request for utility locating came in.  Once on site our technician met with the client to perform a full walk through of the designated work area. During the job walk, our technician discussed all of the site concerns that the client had and noted them on the work order. Equipment that was used was Ground Penetrating Radar and RD7000 Utility  Locator. The GPR Utility Cart was used to locate any potential hazards that could affect area of work, while a GPR concrete scan revealed structural rebar reinforcements in the existing building to allow for safe core drilling to occur.  The RD7000 Utility Locator was used to locate and mark private underground utilities that could potentially run in or near the defined work area.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections identified several underground utility lines that ran in conflict with the proposed dig area. The technician located underground water lines, gas lines, electrical lines, in addition to power lines for site lighting.  The GPR Utility Cart was able to locate the non metallic water line allowing the client to avoid a potential hazard since it was located in the excavation path.

Client Savings

Having private utility lines marked in addition to calling 811 for public utility markings allowed the contractor to safely navigate the entire scope of their project without damaging a single underground utility.  All contractors and homeowners should call 811 to identify public utility markings, but remember to call Encompass Inspections to locate all of private underground utility lines that make us 65% of all of the buried utility lines underground.


Locating Utility Lines prior to construction

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