Past Projects:
GPR Scan for Void Location Survey – Bridgestone Tires

Ground Penetrating Radar Scan for Void Locating

Client Problem

Bridgestone Tires contacted our company in need of a void survey to identify any voids that were present in their concrete driveway surrounding the warehouse.

How We Responded

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) with a 400 Mhz antenna was chosen as the best tool for void detection for this type of project.  GPR is an excellent technology for locating utilities and locating voids under concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Results We Delivered

After completion of the ground penetrating radar survey, our technician discovered that there were several voids in the concrete driveway that our client had recently repaired. At the client request, the voids that the GPR scanner found were marked with paint to clarify where the voids were on site.

Client Savings

Our client was impressed with the results we discovered.  By identifying the precise locations of the sub surface voids, we saved our client from having to pay for further damage to their facility.

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