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GPR Scan for Non Destructive Testing

GPR Scanning Non Destructive Testing

Client Problem

The general contractor ran into a problem where the city inspector working on this complex did not document all of the work properly, and did not sign off on the tie-backs being removed from the property.  Without that document being signed off and turned into the city, our client could not start selling units in the recently constructed housing complex. Our client had to have us come out and perform non destructive testing using ground penetrating radar to help them prove to the city’s inspectors that the tie-backs were in fact removed.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded by meeting with our client on site to and going over the issue at hand.  We were able to explain to the client that we would be using a non destructive method to perform the requested work.  Utilizing our ground penetrating radar (GPR) system with both 400MHz and 1600 MHz antennas to determine if the tie-backs were present or not.

Results We Delivered

We began the non destructive testing survey on the outer area of the complex with the 400 MHz antenna of the GPR system and found no tie-backs on either side of the building.  We then proceeded to the inside of the parking structure and scanned the retaining walls using the 1600 MHz antenna with the GPR for any tie-backs, and the results also came back negative. Both areas were cleared of any tie-backs, allowing the contractor to obtain the necessary permits.


Client Savings

By being able to use ground penetrating radar, Encompass Inspections successfully was able to prove that the tie-backs were in fact removed from the property. Our client was able to use the GPR survey results to fulfill city requirements and proceed with his plans.  If Encompass was not called out to prove that the tie-backs were removed, the city would have forced our client to use destructive testing and dig up the areas, which would have cost a lot of additional time and money.

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