Past Projects:
GPR Inspection for Concrete Reinforcement-Texas Rangers Spring Training Facility

Concrete GPR Rebar Scan

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted by a General Contractor needing to locate rebar reinforcements and post tension cables within the concrete slab. The areas in question were inside the Weight Training and Physical Therapy rooms, specifically around the large indoor pools. The site totaled approximately 5,000+ feet for the installation of French drains in the concrete floor to prevent standing water. The main floor of the areas is an elevated concrete slab supported with post tension cables with large pumps and equipment to manage the pools from underneath the slab. The project engineers required a layout of the concrete reinforcement, and we provided a same day and instant GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar service to protect the integrity of the existing infrastructure.

How We Responded

On every project we perform an initial 360 walk with the customer, after being dispatched usually within 24 hours, to ensure the entire scope of the project is understood and all the safety concerns are addressed. The 360 walk lets us get a accurate understanding of the project facility by inspecting available as-builts, accessing nearby mechanical/pump rooms, visual inspection to identify the type of concrete slab structure and when applicable inspected the bottom of the slab for in-slab floor boxes as they have a potential for conduits within the concrete. Meeting with the Texas Rangers Facility Engineers before the project ensures our accuracy of the GPR concrete scan for the areas requiring inspection.

Results We Delivered

The contractors’ main concern was avoiding post-tension cables that may run through the slab, but our experienced technicians also know that electrical and communication conduits are also potentially running in the slab that can be a equally concerning. We use our RadioDetection 7000 System and safely connect to the visible utility lines inside pull boxes and conduits to ensure the core driller does not hit any possible communication or electrical conduits. The specialty trained technician then performed a tight grid pattern GPR concrete scan throughout the entire area in question going north-south then east-west using Ground Penetration Radar with 1600Mhz antenna. We marked consistent anomalies by interpreting the live HD GPR images on the 12 inch display. Our technicians encompass the entire needs of the customer to ensure safety as they move through the project.

Client Savings

We take great pride in supplying all of our technicians throughout the nation with the most updated equipment and strenuous job site training to accurately locate utilities and anomalies for a wide variety of project conditions. The Texas Ranger Spring Training Facility Engineers needed these cores to go unimpeded as a pre-stressed cable hit could result in massive concrete damage at a hit location.  This hit could potentially cause the pre-stressed cable to be ejected out of each end of the elevated slab, resulting in injury or death to the core driller or bystanders around elevated slab by the ejected pre-stressed cables.

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