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GPR Concrete Slab Scanning at Airport Project

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Imaging

Client Problem

A local contractor was installing a new security metal detector in the Helena Regional Airport in Helena, Montana.  The contractor needed to fasten anchor bolts directly into the concrete floor of the building next to the conveyor belt carry-on luggage scanner, which was fed by an electrical conduit within the concrete. The contractor needed to be sure that he could install the metal detector safely, without destroying any utilities or rebar reinforcements.

How We Responded

Encompass dispatched a technician to scan the concrete area for any utility lines, and to identify all of the steel rebar reinforcements in the concrete slab. The technician used a handheld ground penetrating radar system to scan the concrete floor in the proposed work area. After a few initial scans, the locate technician found that the rebar pattern was not parallel to the walls of the building, and was instead at diagonal angles. Once this was the concrete reinforcement was discovered, the rebar pattern was laid out using tape for easy identification.  The technician also scanned the concrete slab at parallel angles to the walls to make sure that any utility conduits that were running diagonal to the rebar pattern would be located.


Results We Delivered

The GPR concrete scan was performed on carpet, so the technician marked the findings in blue painter’s tape. The technician informed the general contractor that the concrete slab was only about four inches thick. The technician recommended that the ceiling of the basement adjoining the area being scanned might have utilities on the ceiling of the basement running underneath the work area, and that the contractor should make sure to check the ceiling of the basement if he was going to drill all the way through the concrete.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to perform his work safely, without damaging any existing utilities, and has a sketch of where the utilities are so that he can determine the best places to drill for anchor bolts.  Using GPR allowed the concrete imaging to take place in active areas, thus reducing the construction impact costs associated versus having to shut down areas by using a traditional concrete x-ray scan.

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