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GPR Concrete Scanning Polo Towers

GPR Concrete Imaging

Client Problem

The Polo Towers is undergoing major renovations to their pool area. The engineers and
contractors needed to install trench drains to prevent standing water for the new renovations. They are needing to core drill into the concrete in multiple areas to let the water drain in the current system. The area below the core locations was  in the basement level of the parking garage. Encompass Inspections was able to mark out the concrete reinforcement areas with the use of scaffolding as the concrete scanning areas were on 9 foot ceilings.

How We Responded

An Encompass Inspections Technician was dispatched from our Las Vegas office and arrived on the jobsite in Las Vegas, Nevada within 24 hours of the project request. Encompass Inspections set out to identify all the reinforcement in the concrete slabs using Ground Penetrating Radar concrete imaging to visibly locate possible reinforcements and anomalies to avoid while drilling. Although some of the concrete slabs were quite congested with rebar reinforcement we were still able to work out problems and find clear locations where the contractor was able core drill without damaging the structural integrity of the concrete.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections provides clients with experienced technicians aided by top of the line ground penetrating radar equipment. Accurate concrete scanning was able to reveal all the possible reinforcement that was detectable in the concrete slabs and provide an instant onsite layout providing the contractor a safe location to core drill. . Upon completion we performed our final 360 walk-through with the client and discussed all the clear and open areas and possible different locations to core drill his holes without risking damages to the property or personnel.

Client Savings

Ground Penetrating Radar technology in the hands of Encompass Inspections experienced technicians greatly reduces the project costs by allowing projects to be marked out accurately and efficiently. Hiring Encompass Inspections allows our customers to safely navigate their projects, while avoiding costly damages and project delays.

Concrete GPR Scanning High Rise Building

what can GPR locate in concrete

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