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GPR Concrete Scanning 280 sign locations at Orlando International Airport

Concrete Imaging Ceilings for Anchor Installations

Client Problem

A sign installation company was set to drill 280 anchors for the installation of new signage at the Orlando International Airport. The contractor reached out to Encompass Inspections in order to obtain a concrete imaging survey.  The contractor needed to locate rebar, conduits, as well as post-tension cables in the concrete ceiling before the project could proceed.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections dispatched a technician to the project to meet with the contractor and complete all of the required job site safety training. Operating from a scissor lift, our GPR technician utilized a 1600MHz antenna ground penetrating radar unit to scan a tight grid-like pattern to pinpoint the exact location of all rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables within the suspended slab.


Results We Delivered

GPR concrete imaging accurately located all of the post-tension, rebar, and conduits with the slab. The accuracy of the ground penetrating radar survey allowed the contractor to perform their drilling activities at 280 locations without a single damage to post-tension cables, rebar reinforcements, or conduits.

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections concrete x-ray services saved the contractor from any potential safety hazards that might have occurred while drilling into a conduit, rebar, or post-tension cable. By hiring Encompass Inspections, the contractor avoided bodily harm to employees, expensive damages, and power outages. With the accurate markings from Encompass Inspections, contractors are able to safely navigate their projects while mitigating risks.

Concrete X-ray before drilling

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