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GPR Concrete Imaging for Tenant Improvement Project

Ground Penetrating Radar Scans for Tenant Improvements

Client Problem

A local general contractor reached out to Encompass Inspections needing 75 areas scanned for PT cables and conduits for their tenant improvement project. Last minute design changes created the need for a large number of additional drilling locations which would vastly increase the risk of hitting a subsurface utility or reinforcement if an accurate concrete scanning was not performed.

How We Responded

Arriving on the jobsite, the technician conducted a site thorough walk through with the project superintendent to visually inspect the scope of work and layout of the proposed core drill locations. The contractor needed to avoid all of the post tension cables and possible conduits within the concrete foundation.   After the completion of the walk through with the General Contractor’s, Encompass Inspections began surveying the designated areas marking all of the existing PT Cables and any other in slab targets that were located.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections identified and marked out all of the post tension cables and conduits within the slab via Ground Penetrating Radar. The results from the surveys were marked out in red keel to provide the client with safe areas for each core drilling location.

Client Savings

Ground Penetrating Radar greatly reduced the project costs since Concrete X-ray would not have worked since the project was slab on grade concrete.  Providing a precise guide for core drilling helps prevent accidental damage to the post tension cables, the structures foundation, and onsite staff . Such accidents can be expensive to repair and even fatal to workers if a cable were to get cut. Encompass Inspections works with our clients to help them complete their projects using a safer and more efficient techniques.

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