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Foundation Investigation using Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning

Foundation Investigation Services

Client Problem

Our client found large cracks in her home’s foundation and enlisted the foundation investigation services of Encompass Inspections. The rebar reinforcement within the home’s foundation had been found to be running through a void, underneath the foundation. Improperly poured foundations can be very expensive to fix and also pose a risk of causing further property damage. Encompass Inspections provides homeowners with non destructive testing using ground penetrating radar to locate potential foundation issues.

How We Responded

The Encompass Inspections Texas office dispatched a technician who arrived onsite in Big Spring, Texas at the scheduled appointment time. A walkthrough was then conducted with the homeowner to identify the areas of the foundation concerns.   Upon completion of the walkthrough, the technician began GPR surveying the selected foundation areas to provide an easy to read, accurate, and safe guide for future foundation repairs.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections was sent out to identify and mark the depth of the steel reinforcement within the selected areas of the home’s foundation. The survey was conducted with Ground Penetrating Radar to provide safe and accurate results. The rebar reinforcement depth and void locations were provided to the onsite foundation repair specialists.

Client Savings

Utilization of Ground Penetrating Radar provides a more cost effective, accurate, and safe way to identify and measure the rebar reinforcements, detection of under slab voids, and concrete slab depths.  The results of the GPR scans provided the information needed by the foundation repair company to begin the repair of the foundation cracks.

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