Past Projects:
Finding unmarked graves for The Travel Channel

Locating unmarked graves with ground penetrating radar

Client Problem

The Travel Channel contacted Encompass Inspections to aid in an exploratory search for the show Expedition Unknown using Ground Penetrating Radar technology. For the show they needed to search for a potential grave site for someone that was supposedly buried there for over 100 years ago. The underground GPR grave survey location was located on the side of a mine in Johnnie, Nevada. This grave search was to try to locate the burial grounds of one Robert Leroy Parker, know better as “Butch Cassidy,” the leader of a group of notorious bank and train robbers.  Locating the grave would not be easy, as there are numerous accounts of where Butch Cassidy may have been buried, from South America to the United States.  On this search, GPR scanning was used to try and verify a possible burial location derived from eye witness accounts. The eye witness claimed that Butch Cassidy was buried in an unmarked grave at the entrance to one of the air shafts of the mine.

How We Responded

Once land access permission was granted, Encompass Inspections utilized GPR scanning to locate possible grave sites, in addition to ground penetrating radar, EMI was also used to determine if there was an actual burial at this site. Getting the equipment up the side of the hill was no easy feat as there were loose spoils and steep slopes from years of mining. Finding unmarked graves using ground penetrating radar is just one of the many services Encompass Inspections offers.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections scanned a large area of the mountain side along several of the spoil piles of the air shafts. The underground GPR revealed a couple of location of a possible unmarked grave that would need to be explored further. Each of the sites resulted in minor disturbances; however, there was one shaft, at the end of the run that proved to be the most promising. This last shaft survey area showed there was something buried at approx 4 feet in depth from top of surface. To be sure, Encompass Inspections GPR scanned all of the locations, before making the determination that there was something truly buried in that location requiring further investigation.

Client Savings

With the findings from the GPR scans we aided in narrowing down the large search area for the Expedition Unknown and the Travel Channel.  It was later found that eye witness accounts had pictures of a supposed burial in that same location that GPR had determined there was an unmarked grave at a depth of 4 feet.  Finding a potential grave location using GPR technology led the Travel Channel, Expedition Unknown and Encompass Inspections to film and catalog the results of what was completed.  All the work we did on the side of the mountain completed the culmination of years of searching for one Robert Leroy Parker, aka, “Butch Cassidy.”

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locating graves in unmarked cemetary

Finding unmarked grave sites

The Travel Channel hires Encompass Inspections for Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

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