Past Projects:
Finding Rebar in Concrete with Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Concrete Scanning

Client Problem

A contractor was renovating an open office space into a new insurance claims office. The project required a new sanitary line to be installed for the restroom, and needed to know if there where any conflicts in the concrete or underground for the installation of the new sanitary sewer line.

How We Responded

A technician was dispatched by Encompass Inspections to meet with the contractor on-site, during the meeting the contractor explained the scope of work that was required. Shortly after the site meeting, our survey technician began his site investigation by using ground penetrating radar to scan for all rebar, and conduits running throughout the concrete in the facility.  Additionally a sub soil investigation was performed, and the technician was able to find the exact location the existing sewer line was in by using his Radio Detection 7000.

Results We Delivered

The project scope was concrete gpr scanned and marked accurately by the technician.  The concrete imaging revealed rebar and conduit in the excavation area. Additionally, the depth of the rebar and conduits in the concrete floor were given to the contractor to assist them with their trench layout.  Finding the existing sewer line saved the contractor time on site as the pinpoint locating revealed exactly where they needed to dig to tie into the line.

Client Savings

The client was set to dig a trench in an open space but had no clue what was in the concrete or  underground in his work area. Encompass Inspections saved the contractor from any potential hazards and/or expensive damages that might have been caused if the contractor dug the trench without knowing where the existing utility lines ran. By pinpointing the exact location of the rebar and conduits, the contractor found the safest area to trench the new sanitary line without causing any expensive damages and time consuming setbacks.

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