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Encompass Inspections provides utility marking services at data center

Underground Utility Locating Services

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections provides utility marking services at data center for the customer to make sure there was no utilities running in an area for a new fence installation.  Working in a congested area the biggest challenge was safely operating around the heavy equipment in use.  Working with the contractor, a JSA was created to identify potential safety issues prior to starting any utility locating.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded by sending a technician out to the customers location to conduct a private utility locate.  Encompass attacked the problem by using RD (Radio Detection) on power mode and the GSSI GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) on utility scan mode.  Having the ability to utilize a variety of utility locating tools and methods allow Encompass Inspections to detect even challenging underground utility lines.

Results We Delivered

Conducting a thorough utility locating survey allowed Encompass Inspections to find multiple utility lines running though the construction area.  The known utilities were marked in there appropriate paint colors.  Ensuring good communication with our clients, Encompass Inspections technicians performed a post utility locate walk with the onsite the customer to explain our findings and to make sure that the entire scope of work had been covered so everyone can work in a safer environment.


Client Savings

The results of the utility mapping survey that Encompass Inspections conducted allowed the project to be completed without risking damage to the underground service lines. Encompass Inspections works to create safer construction projects for owners, contractors, and subcontractors.

finding underground utility lines

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