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Encompass Inspections Provides Private Underground Utility Scanning for School Site

Private Underground Utility Scanning

Client Problem

An electrical contractor needed Encompass to locate all of the underground utility lines on the main school campus and also around the football field. Locating the underground utilities would allow the electrical contractor to determine a safe path for their trenching activities, and installation of the new lighting conduits that were being integrated to the Middle School project.

How We Responded

Two types of equipment were utilized on this project. The RD 8000 was used to identify all of the existing underground conduits, the technician also brought out the GPR Underground System (GSSI 3000) to assist in located no metallic water pipes and any additional anomalies.  GPR also helps the technician to verify depths and to confirm the exact location findings from the RD 8000 utility scan.

Results We Delivered

The RD8000 helped us locate the low and high voltage power lines that were underground, and also assisted with the locating of the communications conduits that encroached the proposed work area as well. With the Ground Penetrating Radar systems, we were able to pick up the underground water lines as well as the gas lines that were running right along the water pipes. GPR also helped us on determining the depth of each utility line that we marked throughout the work area.

Client Savings

By knowing the precise location and depth of the underground utilities, it saved the contractor countless hours of hand digging activities. The contractor was able to avoid damages to the subsurface utilities and through the utility mapping efforts was able to deliver a quality, accurate, as built to the owner.

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