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Encompass Inspections locates voids within concrete slabs

GPR Concrete Void Detection

Client Problem

The customer presented Encompass Inspections with a unique problem that they were searching for answers to, one of the on site kilns started deteriorating inside from the intense heat. The power facility is the only one located within the United States and the only currently running facility in the world producing absolutely no waste that comes from the facility.  The problem that developed was the concrete linings of this 100+ foot high tube was not typical concrete, it consisted of a new concrete make up to withstand the intense heat.  The concrete was put in place using two layers of a particular high heat mixture, over time it developed many areas that were not fully cured, causing the concrete structure to deteriorate.  Encompass Inspections was called out to determine the extent of the voids between the two concrete layers, once the extent of the voids is determined a repair plan can be put in place.

How We Responded

Even though this location being remote, Encompass Inspections was able to get a technician out to their area as requested to meet the project schedule. Upon arriving on site, the technician had to undergo on site specific safety training in addition to the previously completed OHSA and confined space training.  Prior to being given access to the site, each person must also pass a drug test for safety concerns.  All personal protective equipment including fire retardant clothing must be worn to be on this site.  Once all of the safety requirements where met, a complete site walk of the area and a look inside the kiln where all areas of concern were to be scanned took place.  Concrete ground penetrating radar was utilized to scan several different locations throughout the entire kiln tube to determine where, if any, the void failure areas are located.   The entire project ended up as a two day GPR concrete void scan to complete all of requested areas.

Results We Delivered

After successful void identification scanning all of the original designated areas, the client requested additional areas be surveyed as well.   Each of the located concrete void failure areas were marked out in either red or blue keel depending on the severity of the damage.  Encompass Inspections worked closely with the inspectors, site superintendents, and engineers  during the GPR scanning process so they could witness how void detection surveys take place for best results.  The technician was able to provide specific details about the equipment and technology, how it is utilized for the job itself and issues that arose during the scans.  Upon completion, the project team was able to determine the scale of the void damage and a determine the necessary corrective action plan.

Client Savings

If the customer had not called Encompass to GPR void scan the concrete side walls of the kiln tube, they wouldn’t have known the extent of the damage, likely leading to having to demolish and replace the entire kiln.  This could have shut down the whole area of the plant resulting in losses both monetarily and a loss of productivity .  With the concrete voids identified, the customer was able to determine specific areas that needed to be repaired,  versus the complete replacement of the kiln.


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