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Encompass Inspections locates utilities for residential renovation projects

Residential Private Utility Locate

Client Problem

A home owner in the San Antonio area reached out to Encompass Inspections needing a private utility locate in their backyard prior to a renovation project. The site contained multiple above ground leads for subsurface utilities, including electrical panels, communications pedestal, and a gas line. The home owner would be taking on unnecessary risks by excavating before knowing where these nearby subsurface utilities are running.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections locate technician arrived at the customers house and began performing the underground utility locate utilizing both Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection underground pipe locating, in tandem, to provide the most reliable means of utility locating. The RD 8000 allows for quick and accurate location of both electrical and communication lines, along with metallic piping and other utilities containing tracer wires. While the GSSI SIR 3000 ground radar system provides a greater depth of locating potential through its ability to locate utilities underground, along with spotting voids and other underground anomalies.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections provided the accurate location of all utility line within the designated excavation area.  All located utilities were marked in paint and flags for visual effect in order for the home owner to safely proceed with the renovation project. Using flags in conjunction with paint provides a means of marking found utilities that can withstand the ever changing Texas weather.

Client Savings

The private utility locating service aided the homeowner by reducing the cost of potential damages that could have occurred during the excavation. Knowing the exact location and depth of each utility conduits reduces time spent hand digging around utilities, along with removing any risk of striking previously unknown utilities. Damaging existing utilities can cause damage to both equipment and personnel, along with adding unnecessary costs to projects. Encompass Inspections provides easy to understand site markings for all of its residential customers to insure their safety and the safety of their underground utility lines.

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