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Encompass Inspections Locates Utilities at Stadium

Utility Line Locating and Mapping Services

Client Problem

A local contractor requested Encompass Inspections to perform utility mapping services for a stadium modification project at Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers Major League Soccer franchise. The sidewalk and part of the roadway on one side of the stadium was to be demolished to make way for the stadium redesign. The general contractor needed an accurate picture of the subsurface utilities found in the area to safely perform their scope of work.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections sent a technician to the project site to locate and map underground utility lines. The technician used the RD 7000, accurately locating water, streetlight, traffic signal power, and telecommunications distribution lines. The utility locating technician used multiple techniques such as directly connecting to the facilities, clamping around wires, or in a few instances using passive signal through vaults that could not be opened, to identify underground lines. The technician then used ground penetrating radar scanning to find storm sewer lines and any potential unknown utilities, as an added precaution GPR locating was used to verify the utilities that had been marked using the Radio Detection equipment.

Results We Delivered

The technician located the large site of all underground utility lines, marking the findings on the surface in their standard marking colors. The GPR scan uncovered a linear utility that was not traceable using the RD, and all of the lines shown on the as-built plans were marked accurately, with corresponding depths every fifty feet.  Once the utility locating was completed, Encompass Inspections provided accurate utility mapping of the underground lines as a deliverable to our client.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections flexibility, the utility locate and subsequent work was able to be performed during overnight hours allowing for a smoother construction process on this project. Providing precise utility locating services and underground mapping, Encompass Inspections was able to provide the general contractor with accurate real time data to aid with their stadium redesign project.

Utility locating for stadium renovation project

Utility Line Locating and Mapping

prevent underground utility line damages

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