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Encompass Inspections Locates Unknown Underground Utility Lines

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Client Problem

A local general contractor was developing an unused parcel of land owned by a school district. The contractor needed to confirm the location of a 10” water line and any unknown utility lines near an easement located on the as-built plans for the site. If the water line was present as marked on the as-built, it would save the company several thousand dollars by connecting to it directly instead of trenching toward the main on the street for a new water line connection.

How We Responded

Encompass dispatched a technician to the site to locate the water line. The technician connected directly to a valve near the water line as indicated on the as-built, but no signal was carried toward the easement, signifying that the pipe was not metallic. The technician then used nonmetal-to-metal induction by dropping the transmitter near the location of the line in the other direction, thinking that there may be a tracer wire connected to the metal pipe and running with the 10-inch line, but not visible above ground. The technician traced a signal carried by induction away from the valve, but the signal ended approximately 20 feet from a valve located on the other side of the property. Unable to trace the signal to a logical, visible point of reference, the locator used underground GPR to verify that the utility found by induction was in fact a utility and not a false signal carried by the power and gas lines that had been previously marked in the easement.

Results We Delivered

While the technician was able to locate a unknown utility line, he was unable to verify that the utility marked was a water line, he recommended that the contractor pothole the line by hand to verify the location and type of utility, to make sure that it would not impede progress on the project if not a water line. The line was marked in pink to signify an unknown utility. Though not an ideal locate, the contractor was given more information about the utilities in the area than he had previously had, and was given an exact location for the unknown utility so that an exploratory pothole could be made.

Client Savings

Thanks to Encompass Inspections, the contractor was able to confirm the location of the water mainline.  Precision utility locating allowed the contractor to save thousands of dollars by accessing a closer point to tie into the existing waterline.  Locating the existing waterline also saved the contractor a couple of days of trenching time from the originally planned connection point.

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