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Encompass Inspections Locates Underground Utility Lines for USC Campus

Private utility locate

Client Problem

A local contractor needed private utility locating services in multiple locations across the campus to allow for several trenches to be excavated. The project manager hired Encompass Inspections to be sure they were not going to hit any underground utility lines. The project needed to be done quickly and efficiently because the client had a crew on-site ready to start digging as soon as we finished the utility locating survey.

How We Responded

After arriving on site in a timely and professional manner to meet the contractor schedule demands, our locate technician reviewed the scope of work and the proposed trench path route with the project supervisor.  We used our underground ground penetrating radar system and RD8000 to easily locate all of the sub surface utilities along the trench paths.

Results We Delivered

Our high tech GPR and Radio Detection equipment is extremely accurate as we were able to locate underground gas pipes, communication lines, water lines and electrical conduits in conflict with the proposed work area. The identified underground lines were marked out with spray paint, and once the locating portion was completed, our technician reviewed all of the underground findings and site markings with the contractor to make sure all of the site marking were located and understood. Trenching was performed while we were on site, revealing another accurate locate from Encompass Inspections, as all of the underground utility lines were not damaged during excavation.

Client Savings

The client was grateful to avoid the potential damage risk associated with trenching work, as we located all of the underground utilities very accurately in their work area. Using our equipment we were able to deliver and save the company from possible damages and possible injuries. Our companies competitive pricing and excellent service will continue to be provided for our customers across the nation.

private utility locating California

finding underground utility lines

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