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Encompass Inspections Locates Underground Electric Lines

Avoiding Underground Electrical Strikes

Client Problem

A local electrical contractor was installing a new pad and wiring to an existing high voltage manhole at the South County Water District Treatment Plant in Gilroy, CA. There were many existing secondary and primary electrical lines located in two manholes near the area, which fed the treatment equipment. Any damage to these lines could result in a breakdown of the treatment equipment. In addition, there were several streetlight lines, communication lines, and sewer and water lines that the contractor needed to know the location of in order to safely complete their project.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections locate technician used an inductive clamp on the RD 7000 to induce a signal on the electrical lines in each manhole. The technician also used the clamp to locate several unidentified power in nearby pull boxes. The tech attempted to use the clamp to locate the streetlights, but this was unsuccessful, so he opened the lights and accessed the wires directly to direct connect to them.  The technician then used a rodder to run a conductive line down a sewer cleanout, then direct connected to the line using the RD 7000 utility locator. The tech used the Radio Detection 7000 to direct connect to a fire hydrant, and located the lateral to the main water lines. Additionally, the technician then marked all gravity sewers.

Results We Delivered

The technician was able to accurately mark and note the depth of all electrical lines and streetlights, along with the underground water and sewer lines. Using multiple utility locating methods, and corresponding marking paint colors, allowed the technician to provide the contractor an accurate picture of the underground infrastructure.

Client Savings

Knowing the precise locations of underground utility lines provides contractors with the peace of mind to conduct their project excavations safely, without risking damages to existing utilities or site personnel.


The hazards of hitting underground electric lines

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