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Encompass Inspections Locates Private Utility Lines-Oklahoma

Private Utility Locating

Client Problem

Encompass Inspections was contacted to complete a private utility locate prior to soil boring activities.  Public utilities (811) had been called prior to the locate, however, did not locate the privately owned utility lines. The project contained multiple above ground access points for locating subsurface utilities, including several access panels, communications pedestal, and a manhole cover.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections arrived on site at the designated time that was prearranged with the customer the day before.  The customer identified the areas of concern, and provided us with as-built drawings that they had from had received from the owner.  Going over the blueprints, it was determined that all utilities would need to be marked out; electrical, communications, gas, water, sewer, storm drains, and any other unknown or abandoned utilities in the area.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections was able identify utilities that were provided on the given blue prints from the customer.  Additionally, we were able to identify other utilities that were previously unknown and abandoned. The technician was able to use Radio Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar and passive sweeps of the area to effectively locate any visible/traceable utilities for the customer.  Upon completing the locate, the customer was able to identify clear areas where the borings will be taking place.


Client Savings

Encompass Inspections was able to mark out all traceable utilities in order for the customer to avoid hitting utilities during any soil boring operations.  Calling to have public utilities marked is always needed and accounts for 35% of all underground utilities. Let Encompass Inspections locate the other 65% of the utilities that are privately owned on your site.

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