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Concrete Imaging with Ground Penetrating Radar at Amazon Facility

GPR scanning prior to cutting concrete

Client Problem

An electrical contractor working at Amazon Distribution Center in Phoenix, Arizona contacted Encompass Inspections needing to have Ground Penetrating Radar services completed inside their facility.  The electrician requested GPR scanning of the concrete to locate all in slab reinforcement prior to saw cutting. In addition to the GPR imaging, a utility locate needed to be completed for possible conduits underneath the slab near transformers and access panels prior to digging.

How We Responded

After receiving the request for service call, Encompass Inspections dispatched a locate technician to the site the next day to perform the GPR scans.  Concrete scanning for rebar and conduits took place throughout the building walkways ahead of sawcutting activities.  In addition to performing ground penetrating radar on the concrete slab, the technician located electrical conduits via access panels next to the area of construction.

Results We Delivered

Per the customer request, the client did not want any paint marks put on the floors as they were finished floors.  Encompass Inspections technicians carry different types of marking materials such as paint, keel, marker and tape for example.  In this case, the customer wanted to have keel marked on the floor so the markings were able to be washed away after the project was completed.  All steel reinforcement in the concrete was marked in red keel.  The conduits under the concrete were also marked out in red keel per the customer request.  After the job was completed, the technician performed a post service walk through with the contractor to review all of the conduits located in conflict with the dig area.

Client Savings

The savings for this project for the customer were significant.  Throughout the work area the customer was saw cutting, there were power lines along with a small amount of rebar reinforcement in the slab on grade concrete.  If the power lines were not located, the customer may have suffered a large setback with having to replace all the conduits in the ductbank that would have been damaged during the saw cutting.  Damaging a power line could result in several hours or days of repair, in addition to the potential for personal injury.

Concrete Imaging for Sawcutting

GPR Services

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