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Concrete Imaging for Rebar Locating and Mapping at Foxwoods Casino

GPR Rebar Scan and Mapping

Client Problem

Encompass inspections was contacted by a general contractor that needed to install anchor bolts at Foxwoods Casino. The customer needed the rebar reinforcement located in the concrete slab in order to install the anchor bolts without any interference. This needed to be done in order for a zip line to be installed.  The GPR rebar scans were to be completed on the roof top while the roof was exposed.  Weather played a factor in getting all concrete scans completed as the roof could not be exposed for a lengthy amount of time.

How We Responded

A technician was sent in on numerous occasions to the job site as the customer requested. Upon each arrival, the customer walked through the site to go over the GPR scanning scope of work, identifying each of the locations for that particular trip. Once a tour of the site was completed with the general contractor, Encompass Inspections set out to GPR scan and locate the rebar pattern in the concrete slab, as well as any conduits.  With the customer needing several trips out for best results, Encompass Inspections was able to accommodate them and their schedule.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections identified the rebar reinforcement pattern in the slab using GPR concrete imaging so that the contractor could drill freely without hitting any type of steel reinforcements or electrical conduits. Every rebar reinforcement was mapped and marked out with keel for visual knowledge for the concrete driller to identify prior to drilling.  The utility conduits, were also marked properly to show they are not just the rebar in the suspended slab.


Client Savings

Using GPR concrete scanning, it saved the contractor from drilling useless holes in the slab multiple times in hopes of not hitting any steel reinforcement or conduits in the slab.  If the customer were to hit any conduits, power could have been lost to part of the casino, resulting in a loss of revenue for the client.

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