Past Projects:
Concrete GPR Scanning of Manhattan High Rise Building

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Slabs

Client Problem

A local contractor hired Encompass Inspections to provide ground penetrating radar services. The client needed GPR scanning completed of site walls located on the roof of a newly constructed multi story residential building. When Encompass arrived on site, the client took the tech on a 360 degree walk of work area. The area that needed to be scanned was accessible by scaffolding.  Safety is a top priority at Encompass Inspections, with this in mind the technician utilized safety harness and a tie down to the building that connected to the safety harness to keep the tech safe while working on the scaffolding.

How We Responded

Encompass Inspections responded  rapidly to the call for service, and arrived on site within 24 hours of the clients request for service.  Encompass Inspections performed concrete scanning in a tight grid scan pattern to cover all possible areas that the client asked for. Using a tight grid pattern during concrete scanning allows the technician to locate all steel rebar reinforcements inside all concrete slabs and walls.

Results We Delivered

Encompass Inspections was able to locate the rebar reinforcement inside of the concrete walls and slabs. The tech marked out the findings with yellow keel. No potential utility conduits appeared during the concrete scans. By locating the rebar pattern directly on site, it allowed the contractor to perform core drilling without damages to the building.

Client Savings

The work that was completed by Encompass Inspections saved the client from any potential safety issues of hitting any type of utility conduits, post tension or support cables. The concrete scans helped the client to position multiple cores, avoiding damage and costly down time.

Locating rebar reinforcements in high rise buildings

Scanning Rebar using Ground Penetrating Radar

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