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Concrete GPR Scan for Structural Beams – Salt River Materials Group

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete Scanning for Structural Beams

Client Problem

SRMG Engineers were needing to know the location of each structural beam on the roof platform of the 106 foot Fly-Ash Storage Tank. We had the capability to access the roof platform and use Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete imaging in a grid pattern. The technician interpreted the GPR data images and determined the exact location of the steel structural beams. The purpose of locating the steel beams, was so the facility could install Fly-Ash Removal Pipes.  Since these removal pipes are going to have significant weight, they plan to anchor into each steel beam to support the new piping as it will be a 106 foot run of pipe down the side of the Fly-Ash Storage Tank.

How We Responded

The project consisted of GP-radar scanning the entire 1,500 square foot Fly-Ash Storage Tank Roof to determine locations of Structural Beams for anchors to be driven into each one to support new piping. After an initial investigation of the structure with the engineering we were able to determine Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete was the best solution to provide instant on site representations of the beam layouts.

Results We Delivered

Concrete testing using Ground Penetrating Radar in a North-South and East-West pattern, revealed images of rebar wire mesh in 6in by 6in grid pattern along pan deck was the type of concrete slab system in place. The roof of the SRMG Storage Tank was a circular, so the pattern of the I-beams was irregular. After interpreting each of the 6 foot scans, the inspecting concrete technician was able to instantly layout the steel beam size and locations. We used fluorescent wax marking medium to ensure survivability of the marks and provide an easy clean up solution for the customer. By Encompass Inspections being able to instantly interpret the HD GPR images on site, we are able to stay in a high profile area and complete the steel beam inspection in a single visit.  Working with the customer we were able to provide accurate site locate results and instantly provide possible construction layout solutions of the piping path installation.

how deep does gpr go?

Client Savings

Encompass Inspections has the ability to perform multiple methods of non destructive testing in the same visit, as we always use the most advanced equipment to meet any diverse project demands. We take great pride in supplying all of our technicians, nationwide with the most updated equipment and strenuous job site training to accurately locate anomalies for a wide variety of situations.  Identifying the structural beams allowed the facility to securely anchor the piping as originally designed by the structural engineers.

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