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Encompass Inspections performs GPR concrete scanning at Arizona Center

GPR Concrete Scan

Client Problem

The Arizona Center Engineers and Electrical contractors needed Encompass Inspections to determine a safe and obstruction free spacing to core
multiple holes throughout basement and level 1 walls. The project consisted of scanning 2 areas, the first for the electrical room wall under an electrical panel at ground level, the second area 30 feet up the storage room wall.

How We Responded

The first service area called for us to use GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar to accurately identify post tension cables and reinforcement in the storage room wall. The second service area also consisted of us using Ground Penetrating Radar, to detect possible rebar and electrical conduits inside of the grouted masonry block wall of the basement. The service location was 30 feet up the wall and needed a scissor lift to safely access the core locations.

Results We Delivered

The GPR image was captured off GSSI GPR 1600 cart in Concrete Mode, scanning the masonry block wall parallel to the ground. The details of the image has typical rebar mesh. We were able to interpret each GPR image on site and relay a direct layout of the rebar mesh in real time.  We used our Radio Detection Receiver in Power mode using a sweeping grid pattern to detect live power and communication conduits within the wall. The Radio Detection provided us the opportunity to detect other wise undetectable Electrical conduits. The other image is the complete, instant on site analysis using bright blue keel for the allowing the electrical contractors to core drill safely.

how deep does gpr go?

Client Savings

We take great pride in supplying all of our technicians throughout the nation with the most updated equipment and strenuous job site training to accurately locate anomalies for a wide variety of situations. The Arizona Center Engineers and Electrical Contractors needed these cores to go unimpeded as the foreman is using a roto hammer low impact drill.  By identifying the electrical conduit lines and avoiding them during the construction process the campus was able to avoid a costly electrical strike that would have forced the electrical lines to be temporarily shutdown to reset the circuit and repair the line.

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