Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar is extremely accurate. GPR can identify post tension cables, rebar and conduit down to +/- 2” accuracy.

Concrete GPR transmits at frequencies that are very similar to a cell phone. You can use GPR during daylight hours and around people without any worry of radiation or other negative physical effects.

Project Scheduling/Time Management

Keep your project costs lower. Typically concrete xrays cost anywhere from 3 to 10 times as much as GPR.

Because GPR results are real-time, there is no long waiting to expose the concrete to an isotope for an hour, then head to the truck to develop the film only to possibly later find the exposure didn’t work or there is a target in the area of the core. Then you would have to start the process all over again from the beginning.

Because GPR is a safe concrete imaging method, there is no need to do the work at night when no-one is in the building. Similarly, there is no need to take time to evacuate the floors below as concrete xray requires axis to both sides of the concrete slab.


It is also important to note that concrete xray is unable to image concrete that does not have access to both sides of the slab or concrete with limited access. Both xray plates need to be lined up on both the top and bottom when performing an Xray. If they are not lined up correctly, the imaging is inaccurate and may also have shadows. We have seen projects where xray missed post-tension cables because the xray film was not developed properly and everything on the film was black, suggesting the area was completely clear. We have also seen issues where the xray technician laid out North incorrectly on the film and later drew in the targets within the slab in the wrong areas. 

Why GPR for Concrete?

Our GPR technicians mark out a full 2’ by 2’ area on the concrete showing you the targets within. This 2×2 box typically only takes the technician about 10-15 minutes to mark out and then you have the information you need to make a more informed decision. Xrays typically only give you a 14” by 17” area.

Concrete GPR is able to gather a 3D image with the use of GSSI Radan software. This is a solution that can be very helpful to an engineer.

Our equipment is portable and can easily travel with a technician on an airplane to get to your project quickly and easily.

GPR can also help determine concrete depths as well as depths of the targets inside of the concrete.

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