Encompass Inspections offers utility locating and ground penetrating radar services for the southeast

Due to continuous customer demand, Encompass Inspections has decided to expand once again, to now accommodate customers in the Southeastern states.  Here at Encompass, we have long prided ourselves on providing solutions for our clients with both excellent service and cutting edge technology.  Several of our clients perform work on a nationwide level, and we have repeatedly been asked to expand our reaches to get to more locations to cover our clients needs in those states.  With our latest expansion, we will be providing our same superb services to the following states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Providing underground utility locating to the Southeast US

By expanding our services to cover the Southeastern United States, we can truly provide our services Nationwide for our clients.  So far in 2017, Encompass Inspection has performed thousands of underground utility locate surveys on job sites across the US, on projects both large and small.  We have found that more and more of our customers have been inclined to employ our utility mapping services as well.  Using a GPS Trimble device, we are able to document the precise location of the underground utility lines we have located, additionally we can deliver a Google earth file and an Auto CAD utility overlay file for the clients use.  Utility Mapping services takes Encompass Inspections’ to the next level from the standard “paint on the ground” locating companies.  If you would like to discuss our underground utility mapping capabilities, or would like to possibly see a sample map, please call your closest Encompass office.

Along with our expanding reaches, we have recently added a new specialty to our line of services. Pipe  video inspections has always been a service we offered, but we now offer crawler video inspections.  Our camera crawler services allow us to inspect pipes from 6 inches and upwards of 48 inches in diameter.  Similar to all of our other services, we strive to utilize the best equipment on the market so we can provide our customers the best service possible, and our Envirosight Rover X camera systems are no different.  If pipe video inspection or crawler camera inspections are needed on any of your projects, please give us a call.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is commonly known as a utility locating tool, and it is also part of the Encompass Inspections toolbox.  But GPR is also used to image concrete to allow for drilling, cutting or coring to avoid conduits, post tension cables, or any other concrete reinforcements and obstructions.  We like to warn our customers about any services that do not use a top of the line GPR system.  We use the top of the line GSSI models and antennas, and we continuously perform side by side tests against new and upcoming  models to ensure our clients always get the best results.  If you would like to see what sets us apart from the competitors, just give us a call and we can show you in person.

The GPR system has so many more functions then just locating unknown utilities or concrete imaging.  GPR is also a great tool for locating voids under concrete and asphalt.  Voids have been the cause of some serious damage in the form of sink holes, foundation cracking, and complete structural failures.  Using GPR, Encompass has performed numerous void detection surveys allowing the discovery of unknown voids and allow the problem area to be fixed easily before serious damage occurs.  Voids can occur due to several reasons, however, if there is a water leak, we highly recommend contacting your nearest Encompass office to make sure that no major voiding is present.  Are you worried that you might have some underground voids that need to be tracked down? Give Encompass a call, and we can let you know for sure.

One question that is asked repeatedly when we start providing services in a new location is “How do we know we will get the same quality”.  Well simply put, Encompass Inspections is not a franchise.  We take the time to train every technician, manager, and dispatcher “in house” so things get done the “Encompass” way, the right way.  We believe that in able to provide excellent service, you need to have excellent people to provide that service.

If you would like to some more information about Encompass Inspections and/or the services we offer, please contact our local office, or use our toll free number (888-599-9557).  We also offer an outreach program where we can provide lunch and a power-point presentation about our company and services to your office or jobsite personnel.  Please call and ask about getting a “lunch and learn”setup, and we will gladly accommodate the request.  Our lunch & learn program is perfect for getting a large group of project managers, safety officers, superintendents, foreman, etc. in the same place to discuss how our services can bring added safety and reliability to any of your companies’ current projects.