Gas Line Locating and Gas Line Marking

Improperly marked, underground natural gas lines are some of the most dangerous utilities. This is illustrated by high profile disasters like the San Bruno explosion in California. When unmarked or improper gas line marking is performed, it can pose the threat of fire, explosion, or suffocation, potentially causing millions of dollars in damage and loss…

How to Find Underground Sewer & Water Lines

No one wants to be standing knee-deep in whatever is coming out of a broken sewer pipe, and broken water lines flood the space they are in until the valve is shut off. These are hazards of digging around water and sewer lines. Still, excavation must sometimes take place near these lines.

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How Does a Utility Locator Work?

Before learning how a utility locator works, we should understand that there is an entire world of utilities underground that can be as complex and dangerous as the world we know above ground. There are high-voltage electric lines, natural gas transmission lines, telephone and cable TV trunk cables, and fiber optic lines that connect to…

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Private Utility Locating vs. Public Utility Locating…Do you know the difference?

Preventing damages to underground utility lines is everyone’s responsibility. Did you know a utility line is damaged every six minutes nationwide (source Common Ground Alliance). Preventing damages to our underground utility infrastructure system can be minimized by contractors, developers and homeowners understanding how to have their projects located, by identifying both public and private underground…