8 Tips To Prep Your Jobsite For A Successful GPR Scan

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the most useful methods of subsurface exploration, especially of concrete. Since it is non-invasive, a technician can determine where reinforcement and conduits are without damaging the existing concrete. Moreover, a technician can often determine the condition and thickness of the concrete itself, again without ever breaking the concrete. As…

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How Encompass Inspections Helped Search For Butch Cassidy’s Unmarked Grave

When Encompass Inspections was approached by the Travel Channel’s Expeditions Unknown show to help uncover Butch Cassidy’s unmarked grave and buried treasure, we jumped at the opportunity. It would be a fantastic way to show the power of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to show subsurface anomalies, and a fun, if a little spooky, investigation of one…

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Performing Bridge Deck Inspections With Ground Penetrating Radar

Maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure is a growing concern. No one wants to be delayed by road closures due to emergency repair. Unfortunately, often the organizations responsible for repairing and maintaining our roads are unaware of areas in the roads that need repair until the road is so damaged that it requires emergency repair. In the…

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How Deep Does GPR Go?

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an innovative and effective tool for uncovering buried utilities and other items like underground storage tanks. Because of the range of frequencies that GPR has, and the different types of materials that GPR can be used to scan, the answer to the question “ How Deep Does GPR Go? ” is…

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Locating Septic Tanks And Underground Storage Tanks

Septic tanks and underground storage tanks (USTs) serve somewhat similar purposes, and due to their designs, they are often located using similar methods. Septic tanks collect and store untreated sewage material to be pumped out and collected later, usually found on the property of residential buildings. Underground storage tanks store a variety of materials, from…

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How Does a Utility Locator Work?

Before learning how a utility locator works, we should understand that there is an entire world of utilities underground that can be as complex and dangerous as the world we know above ground. There are high-voltage electric lines, natural gas transmission lines, telephone and cable TV trunk cables, and fiber optic lines that connect to…

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How to Find Rebar in Concrete

Rebar-short for reinforcement bar, is used as a method of concrete construction to help increase the tensile strength of the concrete structure.  As we explain how to find rebar in concrete, you will read that avoiding damages to rebar in concrete is avoidable if the necessary precautions are taken.

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