Locating with technology

Concrete X Ray, Ground Penetrating Radar, GPRGPR / Concrete X-Ray

Ground Penetrating Radar is an extremely accurate technology that can scan concrete to locate rebar, conduits and cables.

flashlightVideo/Crawler Inspection

Allows for video of piping, duct work, and cavities via camera snake. Large projects may require a pipe crawler with CCTV.

pipeLeak Detection

We use a pipe locator and acoustic equipment to locate slab leaks, underground water leaks, and other pipe leaks.

Encompass Inspections is your Utility Locator, Underground Locator, Pipe LocatorUtility Locating

Our underground locator can find conduits, pipes, UST’s and other utility lines that may be hidden beneath the surface.

mappingGPS Mapping / AutoCAD

We offer utility mapping in various file types to help record the utilities that were found by the utility locator.


Encompass Inspections provides a variety of nation-wide locating services that blend cutting edge technologies, experienced technicians, and an unmatched safety record. We use our multi-technology approach to locate hidden objects underground and in concrete. Whether it is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for a concrete x-ray or having a utility locator use a pipe locator for a utility locate, Encompass Inspections has your project covered. Call for a free estimate anywhere in the United States!

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